App Spotlight - Hukkster!

Here at Fine + Casual, we love sales, don't you?! I mean, sure we don't mind spending $600 on those shoes when they could be going for $50 in a month or so (ok, we are slightly exaggerating). 
So to stay ahead of the game, we downloaded this amazing app called Hukkster! 

Step 1 -  Register or log in with your Facebook account

Step 2 - Install the Hukk Button 

Step 3 - Start shopping online you can decide when you want the alerts to happen when you select the products. 

You can choose from either when the product drops to 75%, 50% , 25% off, or just goes on sale?

Once it goes on sale, you get an email from Hukk. Keep in mind that they Hukk the page of the product, not the product/item itself.

Pros: You can Hukk as many products as you want and view top Hukks at the same time. 

Cons: It might take forever to get an email/sale alert but worth the savings if you're patient enough. 
very easy right? so go ahead and Hukk away!

P.S: Are we the only ones that find the word 'Hukk' slightly funny ? 

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