Art: All the Pretty Animals

Origami used to be one of my favorite things to learn how to do, but as time went by, I realized I didn't have the patience :( But one can still appreciate! and maybe one day, I'll be patient enough to learn because they can be ridiculously cool. Take for example, these paper animal / geometric paper sculptures that were created from Guardabosques in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These are too cool!!
Humming Bird

Raccoon Dog
Tiger :) 

My favorite is the last bird, it looks so cool, imagine placing this on a bird feeder, the other birds will be super intimidated, don't you think ? 
Bird 1- What kind of bird is this ? 
Bird 2 - He wont chirp...

Have a great Monday! Hopefully my "bird conversation" made you think I'm somewhat insane! :) 
images from Guardabosques

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