P.O.W - Accessories

So I came across this beauty a few weeks ago and I think I'm in LOVE with this watch. Its just so beautiful, simple and different from most boyfriend watches out there (here's looking at you Micheal Kors Chronograph Gold Tone Womens Watch MK5055). It's a stainless steel, water resistant, analog display type, and round shaped women's standard watch. It's really cute, simple, and pretty much matches with anything you can think of wearing.

Oh yea, its on my wish list too so anyone feeling generous can go ahead and leave a comment and I'll send my address... :)*wink wink*
Buy it here, here, and here.


  1. Marc Jacobs can do no wrong in the world or watches and arm candy!
    // timidlioness

    1. Yes, they cant. I wish I could have ALL of their watches:)