App Spotlight - Silk Art

I just found an app that can be used for relaxing and pumping your creative juices. Its called Silk and its an interactive generative art app. You can use it online or on your smart phone. I tend to just go to the website and play. Yup! Play! Below are some of the "art" I've created! Its so much fun and you can just doodle all day!

Here is a quick video showing how I play around!

Silk from Fine and Casual on Vimeo.

Song: Mushaboom
Artist: Feist

Yup! I'm an artist!

I've read reviews that its very calming, and very zen! I definitely was excited when I found it and when I continued playing around with the app, I felt relaxed and happy!

Have you tried weave silk before  ? If yes, share your art with us! We would love to see your creations!

Fine + Casual Team

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