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A month ago, I came across this article on tips to look younger. To my surprise, I found out that its better to start using anti-aging products when you're younger than waiting till you get to your fifties or sixties. As a body shop fan, they HAD to be the first place I look to for a good product. On my quest to find the perfect and affordable anti-aging skin regimen, I came across this product. The Body Shop's Vitamin C Microdermabraison has proven to be really good to my skin. As of now, I cant tell any anti-ageing difference but I have noticed a few changes on my skin. My skin is more even toned and the blemishes disappear quicker with this product. Although, its for dull skin but its not too harsh on a sensitive and oily skin(which I have). Its also a great way to exfoliate as it has beads in them as well.

I use it once a week on my face and my neck in the mornings and then I moisturize.

You can find it
here, here, and here.

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