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So I was doing some pre-labor day shopping and after I was tirelessly done walking across the mall looking for a certain store, I decided to just leave. On my way out, I came across a very unusual smell walking across the Victoria secret store. It was something I'd never smelled before. The scent was so welcoming as well as enticing. No wonder they put it close to the entrance to draw people in. tsk..tsk..tsk....marketing tactics. Anyway, I decided to go in and find out what the scent was and lo and behold, it was their new Eau So Sexy Perfume. I just couldn't express the love I had for this scent. It was like heaven sent. Something I've been waiting for all my life :) . It definitely doesn't have that regular perfume smell which turns me off from most perfumes. Its just sweet and nicely packaged. It contains Bergamot, paradise apple, and chantilly cream which makes it so sensual and OF COURSE, I got a roller ball to try it out and I must say, IT IS AMAAAAAAZING.

It's very new so its only sold at Victoria Secret at the moment. 
Find it here

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