Can you read Emoji ?


I have a fun challenge today and I was hoping that you will play along!

First of all, did you know that slang means - Short Language  ? (I know.. How could I not have known :) )

I read an article recently about how "Emoji was crowned as this year’s top-trending word by the Global Language Monitor" on the NYTimes a while back, and I realized that I for one I am not an excessive Emoji user, except for the occasional emoji laughter, sadness, shyness and disgust.. The basic emotions that can't be expressed through words/text but through Emoji's. I decided to challenge myself by taking the "Are you Fluent in Emoji?" Quiz they had and I scored OK, but decided to share two Emoji's, just for fun! Plus they are soo simple!

Did you guess right ? Put your answers on the comment section and I'll let you know!
But really, are we starting to exchange our words for Emoji's that can somewhat accurately convey the emotions that we are trying to express ?  and is that a good or a bad thing ?

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