Music 018 - The Ellie Badge


       Composer - Michael Giacchino
Song - The Ellie Badge
 When I was younger I wished I worked for Pixar, and sometimes now that I am older, I still wish that I did as an animator. Their films just tugs at your heart strings (Finding Nemo), make you want to cry (UP), and laugh (Monster's Inc) and wish the real world was like in the cartoons (The Incredibles). The soundtracks for the movies always make me so happy. Which is why I have a playlist that includes most of the scores they have for the movies. My favorites from Up's soundtrack are the Upbeat Married Life and the slow Stuff We Did/The Ellie Badge by Michael Giacchino.. Funnily, they are the same song just with different tempo's but I just love it so much! Inside Out is coming soon from the studio and I am beyond excited!!!! Why  ? Michael Giacchino is in charge of composing the scores ! plus Mindy Kaling is one of the voice actors :)  

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