Food - Mini Indulgence : Breakfast Style!


Today I'm sharing a little something I've been experimenting with for a second now. Well, lets be honest, it didn't take a second, it took a lot shorter than that! Last year, one of my sisters had her birthday at Seasons 52 (click here to check them out!). The food was great (honestly it was) but what made me so happy was all the mini indulgences they had.
What is a Mini indulgence you ask ? They are shot-size glass desserts bursting with flavor! They had Peanut Chocolate Torte, Red Velvet, Mocha Macchiato, all in shot glasses. I was surprised when they told us we could take them home and of course I started making my own shot glass heaven at home!  My other sister and I came up with different types of Mini Indulgences - see below and we are going to definitely make them as time goes by (forever is a long time). 

Aren't we the cutest ? ? 

What we have here today is a yogurt/coconut/granola/cranberry(repeat) breakfast shot.

Yogurt ( I prefer Honey flavored Noosa, check them out!)
Coconut Flakes
Dried Cranberries

Go to Seasons 52 and get a shot glass (seriously though you can get them at Amazon)
In the shot glass, place a small amount of your choice of yogurt/
followed by your choice of granola/
top with another small amount of yogurt/
top with coconut flakes/
top with yogurt/
top with granola/
top with yogurt/
followed with coconut flakes
finish with cranberries and 


Although it's little, it's really delicious and very cute! 

Let me know if you try it! 

Have a wonderful day!! :) 

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