Modern Day Mulan - Sisa Abu Daooh

Obviously, that is not what they are calling her. But when I read this story, it made me think of Mulan, not just because I'm a Disney fan, but also because they both gave up something that displayed their femininity to become men. They had to sacrifice their identity for the sake of others. In Mulan's case, to help her father, and in Sisa Abu Daooh's case, to provide for her daughter.
When I first read this story, I was worried for her, worried because of the country she was in, and if they would, because of her actions of pretending to be a man, think it disrespectful of her to have done. But once I finished reading the article, it was said that the men in her village respected her.
Respect. Respect that she couldn't get if she was a woman doing a man's job. I respect her because 40 years ago, it was dangerous, and if she was caught then, she could have lost her life. I respect her because she was strong, brave and unafraid. She did everything she could for her child, and I respect her because even after her story was published, she went back to work in a Man's world.
But it also makes me wonder, will there ever be a time when Women from all nooks and crannies of the world will be respected as they are ? Or are there still some Women hiding their femininity to cater for their children and family ?  Also, would you do this for your child ?
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image via David Lazar

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