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It's Friday and I wanted to Introduce you to some amazing web shows for the weekend! 

Ever heard of Nollywood (Nigerian Hollywood) ? I'm sure you have!! I only a couple of weeks back, thanks to a family friend (yup, same friend that played all the Nigerian Music that would last me a decade) discovered Shuga Naija. You can watch the full series here.

NdaniTv, one of the very few Nigerian YouTube channels that focuses on African Contemporary Culture and Lifestyle has a lot of talk shows, fashion shows, web shows and documentaries. This month they started with a bang! Below are three shows that I recommend watching, if not for their humor, for the storyline!

1. Skinny Girl in Transit - I personally think all Nigerian Mothers go to a training school. Although my mum isn't exactly like the mother here, some of her antics reminded me of my mum. My favorite line was - Are you calling me a liar ? as a child with the fear of being "reprimanded" I too would have said -  no o, you can never lie!! See below for the show, I believe it airs Thursdays at noon. Enjoy!!

For more, click read more below

2. Officer Titus - Nigerian Humour is the best! I'm not sure if other countries are as funny as mine. Whenever I go back home, I always have a blast because the things people say verbally or say with their eyes and gestures just make you laugh out loud. Office Titus is a LASTMA officer. A Lagos state traffic management authority officer. His job is to protect lives and properties in Lagos. It airs Mondays at noon!

 3. One Chance - This is a bit scary but it is sometimes the reality of living in Nigeria. I chose to watch this because it looked interesting and I really want to know how it ends! This airs Wednesdays at noon!

Let me know if you watched any and which was your favorite!! Have a good weekend!! 

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