App Spotlight - Elevate

I used to be an Apps person and then I realized how much time I was spending on my phone playing games and creating The Smurfs family (thank God that's over). As with all good things, I decided to delete most of my gaming and sharing apps such as The Smurfs, Dinner Dash, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest. Pinterest was very very hard to let go so I got her back and I was so happy. I also got my Instagram back because I love pictures and I love sharing #selfies and #instafood pictures. Facebook was a NO.

Every other week, when I'm bored and realize I have pinned enough for the day, stalked enough people on Instagram and listened to my spotify playlist just enough to know what the next song is going to be, I survey the Internet to see what Apps are making the rounds, and if they are worthy of my keep list or just another waste of my time. My current love is called Elevate. Side note - One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE Brain enhancing games/apps :) It's silly but I just love it! I also love word search puzzles. I like to convince myself that I am learning new words everyday even though I think my English is just getting really bad..... Anyways, about Elevate -

Elevate is a brain training app (sounds so legit...because it is!). You start off by taking some skills tests and then the app scales you from beginner-intermediate-advanced based off of your listening, speaking, reading, math and writing skills which are then subdivided into other skills like processing, focus, percentages, and brevity.

Once you have been assessed, you enter your age, and name, and you choose how many days you would like to have sessions (I chose 3 because let's be real, I do not want to be addicted). You also get the choice of setting  up notifications for the app to remind you to play and you also track your progress! Week one is over, and I can tell you that I LOVE this app and I am learning so much about how I'm not too good at percentages, I am an awesome listener and I can read fast!! It has a very clean template, so there isn't a lot of noise, and it's very straightforward and easy to understand.

Let me know if you've tried it or you are going to try it. I promise it is not a waste of time.

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