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Growing up, one of the fruits I hated (and I'm sure most kids do) was Grapefruit. It was just BITTER. It had no redeeming qualities. I mean why would I take grapefruit instead of it's friends - Orange and Tangerine ? It made no sense to me why this was even created. Created ? Yes, the grapefruit is a cross between sweet orange and the pomelo.
As I got older, I started to realize that although it was bitter, it had a certain kind of sweetness to it that not many people enjoy and had a lot of benefits, one being that it makes your skin glow! The juicing fad seems to be slowing down a bit and I would say I enjoyed my own fair bit of buying pressed juice from Ardens Garden ( Georgia-Made), Naked Juice, Evolution, Pressed Juicery, and most recently, Wild Poppy. I also found out that my local whole foods made juice from scratch if you buy the fruits you want and give them to juice it for you!

My mum bought a juicer (this one) and we've been making amazing juice, saving my wallet and diminishing revenue from the juice makers mentioned above.
I loved the Wild Poppy Blood Orange Chili, I decided to make mine at home! If you are not a fan of bitter/sweet/spicy juice... Please do not make this or you can make it without the Cayenne!  I made a Grapefruit Orange Cayenne Juice! And it was delicious!! It's a very good WAKE UP NOW kind of juice that just kicks your eyelids open every morning without fail!

For this recipe, I used one sweet orange to liven up the sweetness of the grapefruit (honestly, that was the only reason :) )
To make 10 ounce juice -
4 grapefruits, peeled and chopped
1 sweet orange, peeled and chopped
cayenne pepper ( measure for your taste)

Peel and Chop grapefruits and sweet orange so that when you are processing it, your juicer doesn't have any problems.
Once you've done the above, mix the fruits with cayenne pepper ( as I said above, please use your discretion, a pinch, a handful....)
Using your juicer, process the fruits.
Sieve to remove any unwanted pulp (some people like pulp, so if you are one of them, you can leave the pulp)
Pour into bottles (we got these from IKEA, but I recycled by Wild Poppy 10 ounce bottle)
Chill and Enjoy!!
Spicy isn't it ?!!

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