On Doing Things Alone

A few weeks back, I realized something: it is very hard to get my friends and family together in one place. I'm in my twenties (how did time go by so fast?!!) and I've realized that it is extremely hard to get my friends together at the same time, in the same place and even the same geographical location. It has gotten to the point where I kind of have to start doing things alone.

At first I was horrified about doing anything alone. Eating out alone, going to the movies alone, shopping alone... did I mention eating alone...? I remember the first time I went out to watch a movie alone, I convinced myself it wasn't going to be bad. Got into the car, drove to the theater, worried about how dangerous the theater was now with the shootings that have been happening, worried nobody would know I went to the movies alone, heard my mum's voice in my head asking me why I was going to the movies so late, got to the theater, got out of the car, swiped my phone for my ticket and sat down with my small popcorn and cup of water. It wasn't bad since my ticket was for a reserved seat so I got to pretend I was the cool aunt of these really cute 5 year old twins that ended up seating next to me (with their dad behind us making sure I wasn't some kind of psycho). It wasn't too bad. Plus in the theater, nobody can really see you so you don't have people staring at you (or so I thought).

Is it easier for guys to go out alone than it is for women? Women are always doing things together: going shopping together,getting their nails done together, eating together, partying together just to name a few things we do together. We even have girl squads or squads thanks to people like Taylor Swift. But a guy can do just about anything alone. 

One of my sisters is very very independent and when she moved out for Law School she had to adjust because none of her best friends or family were there. She went to movies alone, traveled to a neighboring city alone, went to lunch, dinner and even brunch alone for the first couple of months, she even went to a concert alone! I applauded her for her bravery and courageousness. She has won a platinum medal in the can-do girls section.

I know it sounds stupid but seriously, I was thinking about it today, I've never really been able to go out to eat alone. I always do takeouts because I just feel weird seating at a table for one. Is that bad that some of us women can't eat out alone or do other things alone ?? Or is it just part of and time for growing up and learning more about ourselves outside of our friends and families ?

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