The Ultimate Bridal Shower Gifts She'll Love!

So I went to a bridal shower a couple of weeks ago (alone) for one of my sweetest college friend. The food was delicious, we played this game, bridal bingo, ate more food, and ate delicious desserts. We also listened to advise and wisdom from other wives on how to be patient, be best friends to our significant others, laughed and performed skits (My groups skit topic was when the groom first saw his bride, of course I had to be the groom :) ), I realized I locked my keys in my car (story of my life) and finally we opened presents!!

In my family we have a lot of things in common, and one of them is that we love opening packages;  presents, gift baskets, goodies from Amazon, Gilt, ZARA, give us ANYTHING and we will rip.it. APART with excitement (we learnt it from our mum :) ) So, the present opening time arrived , and even though it was not my own shower and they weren't my own gifts, I was excited. Before I went for the bridal shower, I had asked my best friends what I should get for her as I wanted to get something she would like (hopefully she liked it!), and it was a little challenging because you don't want to be over the top a la Robin's gift to Lily from HIMYM during her bridal shower and you do not want to be bland by giving this type of gift.

I've realized that by looking at the Bride-to-Be's facial expression you can see if she loved the gifts or just liked it (because really, she can't hate any of the gifts openly) and I was able to take memory notes on what she and the other women in the room liked and it gave me an idea of gifts I could get for my other friends that will be getting married sometime in the near future. Plus I also asked them and here are the gifts I was able to come up with!

Below is a list that I can confidently say will win aww's, a couple of giggles, and a yes girl! :)

Bridal Shower Ideas 1
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I've always found it weird to buy other women lingerie or even lounge/sleepwear....But, I've noticed that lingerie is a must for bridal showers. Most especially tasteful lingerie. I've scoured the Internet and found the following websites to be the best websites with sexy and tasteful lingerie's for bridal showers albeit expensive.....I think it's worth it!
1. Eberjey 
2. Journelle
3. L'agent by Agent Provocateur / Agent Provocateur 
4. Cosabella
5. La Perla
6. Bluebella
7. Myla
8. Victoria's Secret
9. For Love and Lemons

Bridal Shower Ideas 2
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This is my comfort zone. For the bridal shower, I got the bride-to-be homey gifts because they are just so cute and easy to pick out. If I got a cashmere robe (5), cashmere slips (10) and cashmere throw (11) I'll be the happiest person!! Why ? I'm a homebody, a very minor hikikomori.

Bridal Shower Ideas 3
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Some women, not all (including me), love love jewelry and body products. I personally don't like a lot of jewelry and I usually stick to one perfume and the occasional adventurous perfume for those days that I want to venture out into the unknown. I know that spa kits are definitely a hit, but you should know the bride's personality before you buy her any kit because she might end up not using it...  Some places to buy spa kits and really cute jewelry are -
1.  Kate Spade
2.  Shopbop
3.  Uncommon Goods
4 . L'occitane
5.  Gilt 

Bridal Shower Gifts 4
For some, instead of material gifts, they like gift cards, spa gift cards, American Express cards,  musical tickets, flight tickets (if you are that generous),  flowers and other gifts that fall into this category. I've seen where some people ask for a donation to UNICEF or other humanitarian not-for profit organizations, or a donation through gofundme for their honeymoon or trips she will like to go on.  Below are some thoughtful gifts that I think anybody will appreciate -

Food Subscriptions -
Instead of Flowers - While I was working for a financial advisor, we used to send this to clients. Especially clients that just had children. I thought it was very nice and thoughtful. You can choose gluten free options as well. Unfortunately, I think this is only open to a specific zip code...

Blue Apron - I love Blue Apron's recipes, and you can easily customize how many weeks (1, 2 or 4) you want to pay for.

Nature Box - I was subscribed to this in my college days, and the snacks were really good!

Flower Subscriptions -
Bloom That - If you are in SF, Bay Area, LA or NYC
The Bouqs - USA - You can set a delivery for every week, every month, every two months e.t.c.

Also, if you want to gift personalized gifts, an amazing website to start from is here -
Personalization Mall - I have used them severally, and I can attest to their quality!

I think I have exhausted all our options. Are there any gifts that you got for your bridal shower or at a  friends bridal shower? Let me know!! It won't be a bad idea to keep a running list of things to get!

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