Documentary - Deola Sagoe

I hope more Nigerians will get recognized for their creativity and talent in the years to come. My mum told me about a documentary she watched about a Nigerian designer, and I was thinking to myself.. who could it be that moved my mum to discuss this with me ? She told me her name was Deola Sagoe, and the name sounded so familiar. That was because I had been watching from afar the designs of Deola's daughter, Teni of Clan. I don't know Ms. Deola personally (although we could bond on how we are namesakes), I really applaud her for her bravery, creativity, and exposing Nigeria in a different light to the world. I also love her for sticking with her guts and bringing in my generation to continue the work she has started. Below and if you click here,  is the documentary if you are interested in watching..

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