Goodbye My Lover.... A Conversation

I'm joining more than a thousand people today as I say goodbye to my old phone *wipes tears*. When I got my iPhone 6s, I had to have a heart to heart with my iPhone 5. Our conversation went like this - 

iPhone 5 - takes picture of successor - iPhone 6s

Dee - *looks at iPhone 5, and speaks loudly so she can hear* I know, it is time. It is time to join your sisters iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s. We've had a great 2 years together now, and it's time to move on.. *stops for delayed silence, and unveils the new iPhone 6s and puts iPhone 5 and 6s face to face* It's not you, but seriously, look at her... she's just.. GORGEOUS. You will always be in my heart.. Now and Forever. Don't think for one second we didn't have fun.. remember when we had more than 1000 pictures?, and we played games together, and took insta pictures together??. Do you also remember when someone dropped you and you now have a cute little hole on your top right screen.. oh that was fun. We had A lot of fun.. right  ?

iPhone 5 - *stares blankly*

Dee - *uses iPhone 5 to take pictures of iPhone 6s to send to friends and family* But now, I really have to upgrade. I'll come back from time to time to say hi, or check an old message. You can ask iPhone 4 and 4s, I treat them well. I really do. 

iPhone 5 - *still staring blankly*

Dee - Goodbye.. I sincerely loved you, and I know you know that. I know you'll be fine. You always are. 

iPhone 5 - *still staring blankly*

So guys!!! I got my new iPhone today and can I just say, it is gorgeous! Ok, bye.

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