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I joined Pinterest about 3 years ago, and it has been my daily addiction ever since. If you do not have a Pinterest... Join now! and hmm... follow me.  I have 13 boards and some secret boards... My boards range from womens wear, home inspiration, D.I.Y's, quotes that really speak to me, and lots of food recipes. My top three boards are Wear!!! Yum!!! and These Words!!!. I'm sure the board names are very self explanatory and I just love the exclamation marks because they show intensity! (I'm a secretly intense person). They also show that I really love the pin and that is why I pinned them.  A lot of the Yum!!! pins are recipes I've not tried but of food that I think just look so good that even now that I'm doing the Whole30, I can imagine just by looking at the pins what they taste like, and that makes me full! Hahaha :) ( Am I the only one that gets full by looking at pictures ? ) Anyways, I shared Wear!! yesterday, and I'll be sharing These Words!!! tomorrow.

Today is my Yum!!! board. If you look at the board, you'll guess immediately that I love desserts... I'm a sweet tooth.  Do you have a Pinterest account ? If so what's your favorite board ?!
This is a Fine + Casual recipe which can be found here
S'mores Ice Cream Cake - This looks so easy to make!
They reminded me of  the donuts made by a popular food chain back home called Mr. Biggs
Melon Pizza - So easy to make! 
Korean BBQ is just the best.. that is all. 

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all images from Pinterest

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