I remember vaguely when I was very young probably 1 years old  (according to my mum), I had a purple/pink teddy. I would carry him everywhere. I think the reason was so I could have someone to play silly games like this or talk to. Teddy was never washed (haha) so one day I woke up (at the age of 5) and he was gone. Forever. I imagine I cried.. hold on, let me ask my mum. Nope, apparently I had moved on because I got a new shiny bicycle (keep in mind, I'm not one to let go of sentimental things now that I am older and wiser). I finally forgot about him with the arrival of my sisters and brother (they were my new teddies and we definitely played the silly game above every time!), and of course my new bicycle.

Afteroom, a studio in Stockholm in collaboration with Menu created a Teddy for the Menu Nepal Projects. I fell in love with not only these teddy bears , but for the Menu Nepal Project.

Menu Nepal project is a trade initiative introduced by Menu. They help provide fair employment and opportunities in Nepal especially for the women. If ever I can find their products in the UK, I will definitely be supporting them, especially with this cute teddy bear! It's so cute and modern!

Menu Nepal Project

all images from Afteroom

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