Food - Quick Lunch; Bacon-Lettuce-Kimchi Sandwich (BLK)

My taste buds are strictly Nigerian. I believe our taste buds are developed by the food that is heavily cooked or are available in the areas that we live in. I lived in Nigeria for most of my childhood and teenage years but as I came to America, I started to explore different types of cuisine outside of the normal rice, plantains, and beans that I had been exposed to all my life.

One of the types of cuisine I started to eat was Korean! I think I can link this to my excessive watching of Korean Dramas, I mean have you watched any ?! They are soo addictive! I digress, So as Jollof Rice is to Nigerians, Kimchi is to Koreans. It's a food staple and has hit American grocery stores with a bang! I've noticed that they are now selling it everywhere! From your local Whole Foods, to your local sandwich shops.

 I remember the first time I tried Kimchi, I was taken aback by the smell, but then I tasted it and it was AMAZING! I promise you!!It was crunchy, sour, sweet, spicy and everything else!  I've been buying mine from the local Whole Foods, and they have it in different spice levels. I usually opt for Hot or Medium.
Today, we will be making a Bacon-Lettuce-Kimchi Sandwich (BSK) see what I did there ? and it is everything you've ever dreamed of ! I promise you!! plus... its super fast! My brother came visiting this summer, and he was a bit skeptical but now he is a devout believer!

Croissant (your preference of bread)
2 slices of Bacon
Kimchi (I usually buy from Whole Foods in the fresh produce aisle)

Cook bacon according to instructions
Toast, split, and put Mayo on croissant 
Dice onions
Assemble as you like 
Eat up! 

So how does it taste?! 

p.s I've also made this with spinach instead of lettuce, and without mayo and it still delicious! 

Enjoy, Dee!

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