Sweater Weather Wardrobe

Not too long ago, we celebrated one my sister's birthday in the happiest place on earth. When I returned home, I was slapped by the cold. How could neighbors differ in temperature so much!! My God!! Winter is here, and it is here to stay until next year... sigh (I sigh and smile a lot :) ) ... Anyways, with a change in temperature comes a change in wardrobe! So I'm going to try to be a little creative with the clothes I have! Here are some ideas if you are interested...

If you live in the North, feel free to adjust the below for the intensity of the weather you are currently facing (I'm sorry). If you live in the South, I think these will be perfect for you!

Winter/Autumn Set 5
Comme des Garçons Play - T-shirt//
Winter/Autumn Set 1
H&M - Leather Biker Jacket// .... quite expensive, I got mine for way cheaper than this as it was on sale :) Let this serve as an inspiration...
H&M -  Suede Boots//
Dailylook - Thigh High Boot Socks//
This is a tried and tested outfit, I have this exact same dress(in red) and I wore and loved this combo!
Winter/Autumn Set 3
Forever 21 - Textured Wool Blend Infinity Scarf//Winter/Autumn Set 4
Miss Selfridges - Navy chunky roll neck jumper//
Zara - Mini skirt with flounce - Sidenote - This skirt used be $20 but now its $69.99... I'm not sure why but thank goodness I got it when it was cheaper//
Zara - Lace-up high heel shoes//
Whistles - 200 Denier Tights//
Winter/Autumn Set 2

Wet Seal - Faux Suede Lace-up Oxfords//
I have this trench coat, and one thing I love about it is the removable fleece! Uniqlo was selling it for $20 from $199 but I'm sorry ladies, it is SOLD OUT.

Stay warm everybody! 

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