Past Ads - Amateur

While I was doing a little project, I was asked a question and I remembered all the careers/jobs that I had dreamt of doing as an adult. I remembered I had created a polyvore account where I would just create adverts because it was fun, and it was one of the jobs I was looking into while at college. I think I'll keep creating them, just for fun! If you are interested in seeing my very amateur job, see below!

What's your Flavor ?!

Vitamin Water - Because I was obsessed!


Chloe Perfume - Because that is the only perfume I wear, with the occasional Madmoselle by Chanel

Rock Princess
oooo look at the words.. rock out and still be a princess - very cringeworthy moment here guys! But my little sister has a collection of most of the Vera Wang Princess perfume, each year, our dad would buy her a new "type" of princess when he was traveling and I thought it was the cutest thing ever!


Well, I honestly don't remember why I chose to do Tiffany, but this is still cute!

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