Valentine's Day - What To Do ?!

It's coming guys.... Valentine's Day is almost here and I've been getting the question, so what are you doing ? what do you want to do ? and all I can really think about is... Why do we make this day so important out of all the other days of the week. I think I prefer getting flowers, chocolates and gifts everyday :).. scrap that, maybe just the flowers... and the gifts, and chocolates once every 2 months ? So it got me thinking, what are 5 things that can be done without being over the top or feeling overwhelmed. I think this is good if you 1, are in a brand new relationship, 2, in a growing relationship, 3, in a relationship with your girlfriends and they don't have a significant other :) and 4, in a committed relationship with yourself.

Stay at home, cook and make drinks

For food, a few days before V-day, decide what you'd BOTH like to make and you both go to the store to buy the ingredients, I might dabble in trying to make my mum's version of Jollof rice, and my boyfriend might convince me to make lamb curry. This recipe for potatoes is a crowd pleaser and goes well with this amazing wings or you could opt for Italian? (Click for recipes).  For drinks may I suggest Moscow Mule, my sister makes the best I've ever had  (recipe below) or get your favorite wine, I'm really loving this wine, and just relax!

Moscow Mule -

Vodka (Tito's or Ciroc)
Blueberry Syrup - 1 cup fresh/frozen blueberries
1/4 cup of water
1 tablespoon sugar or to your taste
Ginger Beer (the best brand is Fever Tree brand)
Juice of Lime/Lemon

Make the blueberry syrup first by bringing the water to a boil/
Add the blueberries and let it boil for about 5-10 mins (depending on if they are fresh or frozen)/
Add sugar/
Stir and let boil on low temp for about 10 mins/
Once thick and to your desired taste, sieve into a bowl/bottle and chill/

Mix Vodka, Ginger and juice of Lime/Lemon in a bowl/
Add Ice and Mix until everything is incorporated/ 
Add in Blueberry Syrup/
Mix and Drink! 

Go for a "romantic" dinner, and watch Deadpool after! 

Some of my favorite "romantic" restaurants here in Atlanta (in no particular order) are - 
$$$$ - ($50 and over) $$$ ($31-$50) $$ ($30 and under) 

4th & Swift | Contemporary American
Get anything they have with pork!

Canoe | American
The location is very romantic! 

10 Degrees South | South African/Global
An American/South African restaurant. My best friends and I saw someone get proposed to here <3 

Ocean Prime | American
Their steak is one of the best I've ever tasted, and ask for a virgin margarita = Key!

So many memories here and their food is amazing! 

I came here for Valentine's day and it was so sweet! 

Tomo Buckhead | Japanese
Sushi! Need I say more ? 

SOHO Atlanta | Contemporary American
This is a family favorite. They usually have amazing specials! 

Bundle up, get some cookies, or your favorite desserts, and coffee/hot chocolate at your favorite place, and take a long walk! Your Fitbit will be proud of you! 

Favorite Atlanta coffee places - Octane Coffee, Cool Bean Coffee Roasters - there's a secret room, and Brash Coffee

Buy this book (only $10) below and fill it out while doing any of the above (obviously not when watching the moving or at the restaurant). I got this for one of our anniversaries and it's the cutest thing ever! 

Netflix and Chill! Really Chill...

Watch a feel good movie (Finding Neverland), anime (Bleach), an international movie ( Piku), or a scary movie (The house at the end of time). 

Have a fun and stress free Valentines Day! 

<3 Dee!

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