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My family and I have an extensive library of almost 1000 books, and sometimes we make the mistake of buying duplicate books. We usually try to give them out to goodwill or hide them :) Well, earlier this year, we found a new app that has helped us a lot and its called Libib!

Libib is an online home management web app where you can store your books, movies, video games, and music. You can sign up online or download the app from your App Store. Signing up via app is very straight forward.

Once you've downloaded the app, all you have to do is click create account, 

Once in, you'll see a page like below 

and you are signed up! 

You have four libraries - movies, music, video games and books and you can enter each information manually or through the barcode which sometimes makes me feel like a librarian (I love it!)

I noticed that with brand new books and recently published books, the barcode works perfectly but with used books or very old books, you can try using the barcode and if that doesn't work, you can enter it manually. 

And thats it! 

Fun facts - You can read details about the book, review it and have options where you can note your status in the book, rate , and tag the book. 

My favorite thing about this app is the status option- 

Obviously had to click completed for Trails of Broken Wings

I love this app mostly because I'm a book junkie and because its very reliable and saves me from buying duplicate books and wasting money. 


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