Art Ad - Women and Bags

I love illustrations and... bags... so it was only natural to play around with these two. At first I did it because I was really bored and couldn't sleep, but I think its really cute! The illustrations are not done by me, each illustrator is credited for their amazing work, and the bags.. well lets just say one of them will be coming home before the end of this year... :)

Prada - A
Illustration by Debra Cartwright 
Bag - Prada

Patricia Chang - A
Illustration by Russell Del Socorro
Bag - Patricia Chang

Chloe - A
Illustration by Inslee Fariss
Bag - Chloé
Alaia - A
Illustration by Debra Cartwright 
Bag - Alaïa

Which one is your favorite ?? I think I love each one equally :) 

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