Podcast Story Spotlight; Deah, Yusor and Razan

I've been struggling with what I should and shouldn't talk about on this blog, I'm usually always talking about lighter topics and I tend not to focus on anything negative as I struggle with my own internal worries and negativity... but recently I've been listening, reading and talking about topics that I just can't seem to understand or keep away from people because I need people to understand that although the world we live in is amazing, we also have our ugly side that sometimes we just want to cover up and forget exists.

I'm an avid listener of The Moth, a podcast filled with stories that fuel different types of emotions. If you see me laughing my head off while driving or crying because my tears have a mind of their own... its not because I'm crazy(I think) it's because of the stories I'm listening to..  Sometimes I force my boyfriend to listen to it with me because I LOVE stories... any kind of stories, real stories. While I was on a trip recently, I binge listened (is that even a thing?) to the moth and one of the stories I listened to was by Suzanne Barakat. She is the sister of one of the muslim students that was killed in North Carolina. If you are not familiar with the story click here. While listening to her talk, I was so sad and so shaken by the turn of events in her families life and how it shook not only the muslim community but other communities. I decided I wanted other people to listen to the story too because it is time we started being more aware of what is going on.

To listen to her story please click here

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